Heart of Little Saigon


The Asian Garden Mall is the largest majority Vietnamese-owned and operated mall in America, and a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. The two-story mall houses dozens of shops, restaurants, and wholesale stores of all types, including a wide variety of imported products and foods.

Little Saigon, Orange County


On June 17, 1988, California Governor, George Deukmejian, officially dedicated the name “Little Saigon” to the area bordered by Westminster Boulevard, Bolsa Avenue, Magnolia Street, and Euclid Street.


Little Saigon has the largest concentration of Vietnamese shopping in the world outside Vietnam. There are hundreds of Vietnamese restaurants and shops to explore. To really appreciate this unique community, you should park your car and take a walking tour of the area. Most people are more than happy to answer your questions and offer suggestions for their favorite restaurants or store.




9200 Bolsa Avenue, Westminster, CA 92683

Open Everyday 10AM - 7PM